For Lent, I’ve been trying to read every day from a devotional called Savor by Shauna Niequist. (If you’re looking for some life-affirming words in your life, I would highly recommend any and all of her books – that’s an affiliate link if you decide to try her out!)

The other day, the reflection had this thought: “You are significant with or without a significant other.” That phrase kept on bouncing around in my brain and I knew it had to accompany a narwhal for Folk-Art Friday.

I’m very aware that Valentine’s is an easy, fun holiday for me since I have Bobby in my life. I’m also very aware that I’d probably have conflicted feelings about February 14th if I was facing the day as a single, 30 year-old woman. I’m pretty sure there would be jealousy and longing and some loneliness associated with the day.

If you’re in that spot, please know that you’re in my thoughts. I know I can’t scrub away those heart pangs with a simple blog post or a watercolor narwhal – but I hope that you’ll write this phrase on your soul today: “I am significant with or without a significant other.”

I decided to leave Mr. Narwhal in the grocery store today as I was running a couple errands. The second I walked through the sliding doors, there was a huge display of red and pink balloons, flowers, and chocolates. It looked like a good spot to post this little reminder of hope for someone to find.

As I walked away to do my shopping, I was bombarded by MULTIPLE displays of valentine candy, plush animals, champagne and chocolates – and I thought how simply going to pick up groceries during this time of year must be like walking through a minefield for some people. Constant reminders of the holiday.

I now realize that single people probably won’t be spending time looking at the excessive display of Valentine’s flowers…so my narwhal may not be positioned in the best spot to reach his target audience. Alas!

Regardless of whether you’ll be holding someone’s hand this Sunday, rest assured I’m sending you love and virtual hugs – this weekend and always.

W ith Super Bowl madness behind us, I’m guessing that there are a number of us wanting to move away from chips and dips and work on getting a Beyonce-like energy as we head into this bright and beautiful new week. Yeah? Well, you’re in luck because I have a green juice recipe coming at you.

For the new year, I signed up for a free challenge with Simple Green Smoothies. The goal was to drink a green juice every morning for the first 30 days of January. They included a lot of great recipes to make it easy. (Pretty sure you can still sign up to do the challenge regardless of the time of year. Check out their website if you’re interested!) Even though Bobby and I eat a pretty healthy diet, I still know we could always do better on incorporating more vegetables. This habit of making green juices has been a great way to incorporate an automatic serving of spinach or kale into the day. My body craves it now! (As I write this, in fact, I’m drinking a big glass of kale, carrot, orange, and mango.)

Sometimes I use a recipe from the Green Smoothie challenge and other times I just throw stuff in that sounds good. A few weeks ago, I did just that – and the results were great. Bobby and I both loved it AND I happened to make it on Graham’s adoption day anniversary, so we toasted his presence in our family.

It was good enough to jot down the ingredients and good enough to share with you! If you’re looking for something healthy, fresh, and delicious, this is it. Throw all of this in a blender and drink up.

I’m sure there are a million recipes on the internet similar to this. I don’t claim that it’s super original, just that it’s super tasty. (Oh, one more thing: despite this being a “green” juice, it’s not really green in appearance. The strawberries mix in a weird way with the spinach to create a…brownish color. It’s not the most photogenic drink ever but, thankfully, your belly won’t care.)

Happy blending!

This past weekend, I was totally spoiled. One of my best friends from college, Rochelle, flew down to Florida for a vacation and took ME with her! She rented a Mustang convertible and we drove down to the Florida Keys. I’ve never felt so cool while on the highway.

We stopped at farmer’s markets, went kayaking on the ocean and adventured into mangroves, and stayed in the cutest little Airbnb bungalow. It was the perfect girl’s weekend to ring in my birthday.

We stayed on Big Pine Key which is home to the National Key Deer Refuge. What’s a Key Deer, you ask? Oh, just the CUTEST MINI DEER YOU’VE EVER SEEN.

Our Airbnb was actually in the midst of this refuge – the owners had built a sweet little house (with an outdoor shower!) in the middle of this Florida palm jungle.

They told us that we should expect to see deer right outside our door, but we didn’t encounter any the first night. The following morning, I was brushing my teeth by the outdoor shower. The weather was way better than forecasted, and it was a warm, beautiful morning with a great sky. I looked up in wonder and thought to myself, “God is completely flirting with us.” Then, not to be outdone, God was like, “Oh, I’m just warming up – you just wait!” I casually looked to my right and – out of NOWHERE – a deer was standing about three feet away, looking at me with those cute deer eyes.

From that point on, I was obsessed with the deer (and I like to think that they were obsessed with me).

During our weekend, we also visited the gorgeous Bahia Honda State Park. It had amazing beaches that have won awards. For real. It was like the Meryl Streep of beaches.

I left a cheery flamingo on one of the boardwalks for a beach-goer to find.

Thought I should share the sentiment with you, too!

You’re spectacular. You really are.